Dear RC46 Members,
We enjoyed the presentations of RC46 members in Toronto during the World Congress. Thanks to all who were able to join us. Special thanks are given to Tina Uys and Mariam Seedat Khan, the RC program organizers, for arranging this wonderful event.

Thanks to all our officers, board members and regional representatives who have worked on our behalf from 2014-2018. We particularly want to thank President Tina Uys for her extraordinary leadership these last four years. At the business meeting, the new officers and board members were announced for 2018-2022. The officers are President: Jan Marie Fritz; Vice President for International Relations: Jacques Rheaume; Vice President for Development: Sharon Everhardt; Vice President for Programs: Tina Uys and Secretary-Treasurer: Weizhen Dong. The other Executive Board members are Emma Porio, Mariam Seedat Khan, Melodye Lehnerer, Suava Zbierski-Salameh and Natalia Erokhova. Please note that each of the board members has a special responsibility or two. These are noted after each name on the list of board members.

Our Presidential Advisory Board members are Vincent de Gaulejac and Robert Sevigny. Board Member Suava Zbierski-Salameh will be coordinating the work of the Regional Representatives. The representatives are Nagaraju Gundemeda (India), Fernando de Yzaguirre (Columbia), Melati Puspa Wan (Malaysia), Isabelle Ruelland (Canada), Anastasia Valentine Rigas (Greece), Anna Domaradzka (Poland), Kathrin Bogner (Germany), Gianluca Piscitelli (Italy), and Anthony Kaziboni (South Africa). Contact information for everyone is provided near the end of this newsletter.

We gave RC46 awards at the business meeting. The names of the award winners are included in this newsletter. Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations and those who took part in the selection process.

A new list of basic resources in clinical sociology is provided at the end of this newsletter. Please see if a basic resource (publication or website about the field of clinical sociology) is missing. If so, please let me know at If you don’t see a resource from your country, please consider publishing a piece about the field or encouraging someone else to do so.

Please note that our next newsletter is planned for November 2018. Please send information that you would like included in the newsletter to me ( and also send a copy to Tina Uys This could include, for instance, recent publications, a new job, receiving awards or an upcoming conference that might be of interest to clinical sociologists. (Make sure any publication reference is complete and submitted in Times New Roman 12.) Your information needs to be received by November 15, 2018 to be included in the newsletter.

I look forward to working with all of you. Please keep in touch.
Jan Marie Fritz, RC46 President

Congratulations to those RC46 members who were selected for the 2018 Awards! We are so proud of your accomplishments. These awards were presented at the RC46 business meeting at the ISA World Congress in Toronto.
RC46 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Sociology
Jacques Rhéaume
RC46 2018 Outstanding Book Award
Miriam Boeri for HURT: Chronicles of the Drug War Generation
RC46 2018 Outstanding Book Award
Vincent de Gaulejac and Claude Coquelle (editors) for
La part du social en nous: Sociologie Clinique et psychotherapie
RC46 2018 Outstanding Early Career Award in Clinical Sociology:
Anthony Kaziboni

We are officially launching our new RC 46-Clinical Sociology publicity campaign! You are the most important resource we have for the recruitment of new members! It is my belief that many sociologists are doing clinical work and do not even realize it. We need to encourage them to join on wonderful group. I firmly believe that clinical sociology is the future path of our discipline. We need to demonstrate to the world why sociologists are so important in addressing the world’s issues. This group is doing that. Therefore, we need to recruit like we have never done before. There is power in numbers!
Before we can launch this, we need the help of RC members, especially our Regional Representatives. What we need from you is your ideas and cultural understanding of publicity needs in your respective area of recruitment. We are requesting answers to the following questions from all our Regional Representatives and RC members:
1) What do you need from us to promote RC 46?
2) What cultural issues do we need to be thinking about in the development of materials?
3) What languages need to be used in the materials?
We hope to be able to start sending out promotional materials by the end of October 2018. So, we would appreciate answers to the above questions and anything else you are thinking about in terms of recruiting new members by September 30, 2018. Please send your responses to with copies to the Regional Representatives Coordinator Suava Zbierski-Salameh (USA/Poland) and

It was great meeting so many RC46 members in Toronto during the XIXth ISA World Congress. RC46 participated very successfully in the World Congress, where we held 18 paper sessions during which 53 papers were presented by scholars from 12 countries. One of these sessions focused on “Getting Your Sociology or Interdisciplinary Program Accredited By CAPACS (the Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology)”. In addition, we hosted a special session during which two of our members successfully completed certification demonstrations for the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS). Lindy Heineken is now a Certified Sociological Practitioner and Mariam Seedat Khan a Certified Clinical Sociologist. Furthermore, two of our members were elected as members of the Executive Committee of the ISA: Jan Marie Fritz and Bandana Purkayastha. Congratulations to all!

Currently, RC46 has an account balance of US $4,024.63 and has 116 members. We are very glad to welcome the following new and returning members in 2018:
Shlomit Bechar, PhD candidate, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Miriam Boeri, Associate Professor, Bentley University, Bentley University, United States
Tapiwa Chagonda, University of Johannesburg, Department of Sociology, Johannesburg , South
Fernando De Yzaguirre, Universidad del Atlántico, Sociología. Facultad de Ciencias Humanas,
Corredor Universitario, Colombia
Anna Domaradzka, University of Warsaw, Institute for Social Studies, Poland
Nagaraju Gundemeda,,Professor, University of Hyderabad, Department of Sociology, India
Joshua Hurwitz, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, United States
Saint Jose Camille Inaka, University of Pretoria, Department of Sociology, South Africa
Josh R Klein, Associate Professor, Driscoll Hall, Iona College, Department of Criminal Justice, United
Loreal Laria Magro, University of Johannesburg, Department of Sociology, South Africa
Flavio Marsiglia, Regents’ Professor and Director, Global Center for Applied Health Research, School
of Social Work and Professor, School of Social Work, College of Public Service and Community
Solutions, Arizona State University, United States
Alice Luise Pacher, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Department of Sociology, Meiji University, Japan
Laura Van Raemdonck, PhD Candidate, School of Social Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Amitra A Wall, Associate Provost and Professor of Sociology, SUNY Buffalo State College,
Academic Affairs, United States
Rajesh Singh Yadav, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Forensic Science, Dr.
Harisingh Gour Central University, India

The B.A. Honours Programme in Sociology at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, was accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology (CAPACS) for a full five-term (along with the M.A. Program in Applied Sociology at William Patterson University, in Wayne, NJ; USA) on Monday, August 13th, 2018.

Report from Melodye Lehnerer, Board Member: Certification and Careers

Certification Demonstrations at World Congress
This year at the XIX World Congress Meetings in Toronto two RC46 members successfully completed the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology Certification Process. This was the first time certification demonstrations were held at an International Sociological Association meeting. The formal demonstration lasts 45-50 minutes and is followed by a 30-minute question and answer period. Those who participate in Q and A are a very important part of the demonstration process. Specifically, the Q and A period is a vital part of the demonstration because it allows the applicant to move outside the formal demonstration by interacting with peers and bringing in the passion which is so often a part of sociological practice. The key to a successful demonstration is for the applicant to illustrate competency in the use of theory and methods to bring about positive social change in an area of specialization. Both applicants achieved this goal.
Professor Lindy Heinecken’s certification demonstration titled, Researching the Military: From Theory to Practice, covered her sociological practice work with the South African Military. Professor Heinecken’s research focuses on the relationship between the armed forces and society. Her research aims to inform policy makers and military practitioners on issues of strategic importance.
Professor Mariam Seedat-Khan’s certification demonstration titled, SMART: A Learning Intervention, covered her clinical intervention work in the field of education. Professor Seedat-Khan utilizes teaching and learning intervention methodologies and practices to assist clients to process information effectively. The aim of Professor Seedat-Khan’s intervention is to teach clients how to maximize their learning capabilities to achieve positive academic outcomes.

Consider AACS Certification
As a RC46 Board Member and AACS Certification Chair, I encourage RC46 members to consider certification. A brief description of the process follows with contact information.
The Certified Clinical Sociologist or the Certified Sociological Practitioner designation is awarded by the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS) to experienced professional sociological practitioners who demonstrate excellence in their practice of applied, clinical, or engaged public sociology.

As part of the certification application process, applicants identify the designation they seek – Certified Clinical Sociologist or Certified Sociological Practitioner – in their application/portfolio materials. To help the applicant make this decision the working definitions of applied sociology, clinical sociology, engaged public sociology, and sociological practice are provided in a document titled, What Best Fits My Practice Experience (refer to AACS website/certification

To become certified, applicants submit application materials that include a Curriculum Vitae/Resume, portfolio, samples of work and/or publications, letters of reference, and academic transcripts. Application materials are evaluated by a certification review committee.
Practicing sociologists with either a Master’s or Doctoral degree may apply for certification. Those practitioners with interdisciplinary degrees are also eligible if their practice features a strong sociological component.
Major practice content areas include community development, conflict resolution, criminology/criminal justice, organizational development, gerontology, health, counseling, and social policy. In addition, many sociologists have developed unique practices which the certification process may accommodate.

Certification as a Clinical Sociologist or Sociological Practitioner indicates that your background, current practice, attitudes, ethics, and skills have been examined by certified professionals in your discipline. By awarding certification, AACS indicates that you have met the standards of sociological practice as an applied, clinical, or engaged public sociologist. Please note that certification is not state sponsored licensure.
You must be a member of AACS to apply for certification. Annual Membership fee for U. S. Citizens is $90 USD; international membership fees are on a sliding scale. Please refer to Membership form on AACS website ( Certification Application Fee is $200 USD and is due at the time of application. The Portfolio Demonstration Fee is $100 USD and is due at least 2 weeks prior to the Portfolio Demonstration.

For more information about Certification, please contact:
Melodye G. Lehnerer, Ph.D., C.C.S. RC 46 Board Member: Certification and Careers AACS Certification Chair Email:

Tina Uys (South Africa) reports she is in touch with the head of the Nigerian Anthropological and Sociological Practitioners Association.

Ana Maria Araujo (Uruguay) says there is now a clinical sociology group in South America that has members from Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Columbia.
The Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (USA) will hold its annual conference (October 11-13, 2018) in Norfolk, Virginia. (The 2019 conference will be in Portland, Oregon.) For more information, go to

Weizhen Dong (Canada) recently published (1) “Quality of Life at an Elder’s Collective Dwelling Community: A Case Study of a Toronto Seniors’ Residence”. Journal of Applied Social Science, 2018, 12/2: 113–126; (2) “Education as a Key Determinant of Health: A Case Study from Rural Anhui, China” (with Adam Mursal), Journal of Health and Social Sciences, 2018, 3/1: 59-74 and
(3) “Determinants of Self-rated Health among Shanghai Elders: A Cross-sectional Study” (first author). BMC Public Health, 2017, 17/1:807. She serves on the Equity Committee of the Canadian Association of University Teachers and is the Chair of the Equity Committee of the Faculty Association at the University of Waterloo.

Sharon Lindhorst Everhardt (USA) accepted the position of College of Arts and Sciences Administrative Coordinator at Troy University in May 2018. In addition, she published an article in Research in Political Sociology, Volume 25 entitled, “School Gardens: Unpacking the potential to reduce food insecurity among Alabama’s children” in April 2018 and an article in Activities, Adaptation & Aging, Volume 42 entitled, “Food Insecurity among Older, African American Females: A Pilot Study” in May 2018.
Jan Marie Fritz (USA) has been elected as an ISA Executive Committee member (2018-2022). She also organized an ISA event for the UN Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organizations annual conference in New York City (August 2018). The workshop, “The Central Inclusion of Women and Girls: National Action Plans, Localization Efforts and Effective Mobilization” featuring former UN Under-Secretary-General Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury,” is chaired by RC46 member Rosemary Barberet, an ISA representative to the UN.

Josh Klein (USA) is a new member of RC46. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology at Iona College (New York). He is putting together a multi-nation
research/educational group that will draw on the work of Euro-American radical Thomas Paine (1737-1809). Among his ideas are to establish a Paine Social Justice Center at Iona. The Center would publicize research, education and community deliberation focusing on social justice. One of the projects would be multi-country surveys regarding social justice and how Paine’s ideas about freedom, justice, truth and egalitarian issues are faring today. There are also ideas to have community members give their ideas to government representatives and to have student exchanges. If you are interested in discussing this project with Josh, please contact him at

Manish K. Verma (India) is the editor of Globalisation, Environment and Social Justice: Perspectives, Issues and Concerns (UK: Routledge, 2018).

from Board Member Mariam Seedat-Khan (Member Profiles and Connections)
Jay Govender, a new RC46 member, is Senior Lecturer in Industrial, Organizational and Labour Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Durban, South Africa. He is academic leader in the Society and Social Change group of disciplines, the School of Social Sciences. He coordinates the Industrial and Working Life Programme, a joint programme of the Workers College, Durban and the UKZN. He has degrees from the Universities of Durban Westville, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. His interests include civil society, interdisciplinary studies, BRICS sociology, sociological practice and futures research. He is published in the areas of public management, participation, higher education, social policy, inequality, and social justice. His email address is

Compiled July 16, 2018
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Jan Marie FRITZ (USA)
Vice Presidents:
International Relations: Jacques RHÉAUME (Canada)
Development: Sharon EVERHARDT
Programs: Tina UYS (South Africa)
Weizhen DONG (Canada)
DU CONSEIL (2018-2022)
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Mariam SEEDAT KHAN (South Africa) [Member Profiles and Connections]
Melodye LEHNERER (USA) [Certification and Careers]
Suava ZBIERSKI-SALAMEH (USA/Poland) [Regional Representatives]
Natalia EROKHOVA (Russia) [International Relations – Selected Projects]

Vincent DE GAULEJAC (France)
Robert SÉVIGNY, (Canada)
Coordinator: Suava ZBIERSKI-SALAMEH (USA/Poland)
Nagaraju GUNDEMEDA (India) and
Fernando DE YZAGUIRRE (Columbia)
Melati Puspa WAN (Malaysia)
Isabelle RUELLAND (Canada)
Anastasia RIGAS (Greece)
Anna DOMARADZKA (Poland)
Kathrin BOGNER (Germany)
Gianluca PISCITELLI (Italy)
Anthony KAZIBONI (South Africa)
Johanna ZULETA (Japan)

NEWSLETTER ISA RC46 (Agosto 2018 in inglese)